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is my dog dominant or submissive quiz

Is my dog dominant or submissive? You might be asking yourself that question about your dog, and you may not know the answer yet. Perhaps you have a puppy that isn’t mature yet, or maybe you just got a rescue dog. Once a rescue dog gets old, his personality and habits will have developed. Then you will be able to tell if the dog is submissive or aggressive. If you just got your dog, then you may not know. There are also different situations when it comes to a dog being submissive or aggressive.

It’s Not Always Just Dominant Or Submissive

In some situations, you can add passive to the list of option. Passive and submissive are two different things, though the descriptions share similarities. In my situation, my dog is passive and submissive in some situations, but in others, he is very aggressive. He is known for putting his head down to the ground when I walk up to him as a sign of submission. I used to feel kind of odd when he first did that because I just want him to be comfortable.

I found out though that this action was part of my dog’s personality and how he felt towards me and others. He does that to other people, too, and he is a very people-friendly dog. He also gets nervous a lot because he is half Chihuahua, and they are known for being nervous sometimes. He’s also half Corgi, very confident and walks around so regal. He’s a lovable dog, and I love him very much. He loves people.

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My Dog’s Weird Training Behavior

He also loves many other dogs, but he’s not fond of every dog. It’s hard to tell which dogs he will pick a fight with, but he’s indeed been known to be aggressive and a little too big for his britches. He had defended me before against a Rottweiler, even though I was defending him against the Rottweiler, too. The dog had him in his mouth, and I rescued him.

In that instance, my dog didn’t start the fight, but Joxer has been known to start a fight for sure. He gets aggressive for one reason or another, perhaps to protect me from what he sees as a threat, and to protect himself. He does get along with most dogs though, and so that’s good. The best program I can recommend is Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer, check this review. doggy dan's online dog trainer for dominant dogs

Other dogs can be completely submissive, and others can be entirely aggressive. Most fall in between somewhere though, just like my dog.If I were asked which one better represented my dog, I would undoubtedly say submissive. He is such a calm dog, and he was two years old when I adopted him from the humane society.

Would you say your dog is? Some breeds are more aggressive than others, but personality also plays a big part. There is a socializing aspect to a dogs personality, too, regarding being submissive or aggressive. You want to treat your dog right and love your dog so that his character develops while having been appropriately socialized in all regards.

If you are asking yourself now whether your dog is aggressive or submissive, take the quiz on Dogs tend to be a lot like their owners, too. My dog loves me very much, and I love him, back. Some dogs have a more laid-back personality as they age, but mine, although nine years old, still acts like a younger dog. He lives with my mom now, and when I visit my mom’s house, he doesn’t like to leave my side.